How come I only like salad when it has things on it like cheese and that yummy full fat dressing from City Market?

I just can't win.


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At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You came up on a "freedomfromfood" search......

Dear AHG, the ONLY succesfull time I had in reducing 25 kg of my 150 kg was when I was in LOVE, when there was another compulsive overeater like me who cared about me. She was there for me. She was using the same insane (and not working) solution (overeating) for problems, looking in her overeating for friends, for feeling good, wanted, unjudged, tolarated, acceptance, love. There are other people that want your love, and that you will want theirs too. Do not belive this, be ABSOLUTELLY CERTAIN that this is the case and it WILL WORK FOR YOU. Be carefull about people. Try to start looking in CODA (co-dependent anonymous)support groups for compulsive overeaters (they are the majority there...) for safe people who will need you and you them. OA (overeaters anonymous) is good also, one learns a lot there.
I will be here for you too - at least for some time. Maybe a litle you for me too.


age 55
from Israel
13 years in OA, 5 in CODA

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